As he rewards her for her praise worthy workhe stops the darkness with light. he puts together honorable mentions for all of the queen’s deeds. His servants sit berries and the golden cups of cross all through the mansions rooms. He is romantic and begins painting his pictures with his queen for her royalties.

The King and Queen’s pictures produce so rapidly they are chosen to create a Tarot Deck.  The graciously accept the challenge and it takes four years to complete. For every Tina and the Flying Meyrtles picture they painted another ten paintings magically appeared. Soon they had thirty thousand pictures in their beautiful palace.  The king and queen had been married at the very young age of eighteen so they knew each other well.

They married right before they went to wellington university. They were known as the most famous tuggles in all the wizarding world and magic seeped through their veins. they lived in a palace right next to the university and made many children. The paintings they created brought many guests. Each person visiting wore exquisite clothes and participated in ritual dancing. The king Michael Cowan and the Queen Mina Cohen invested in thousands of healing stones including diamonds rubies and pearls. He bought her extravagant jewelry and dresses.

The daily prayers were said with perfect pronunciation and perfect encantos. they each made individual requests to god and wished the archangel Gabriel would help them more. They traveled to every holy spot in the world and became well known in the Vatican and Jerusalem often making the front page of newspapers. they could each fly through the air and laughed at their silly brooms.

The silly laughter never ceased. They were as cherry as cherubs.  he promised Shayna and Bill Good eyes good teeth, good hearts minds bodies and souls. Bill and Shayna married around the same time Michael Cowan and Mina Cohen. Bill was Mina’s twin brother and he promised to always be there for her. he was the best brother ever. they also made movies in their spare time.