well I don’t know about you but we’d love to have as many Golden cups of Cross filled with neuro as we can. we have been burning candles and arranging ornaments on the Christmas tree but we aren’t sure if the formulas are right to fulfill our summons. The eggnog and treats are pretty good to help us through the evening so we sit an play cards all night. we have been singing silly songs and nursery rhymes and we want everyone to listen. champagne is flowing over in abundant from a fountain david ordered for Christmas and our hearts are overflowing with golden liquid light. we have to make sure we come to success with our prayers.

Our consistent prayer with faith will help us make sacrifices for the Golden Cups of Cross because we have to increase our fortunes. Our fortunes must increase with gold and diomands.

The sacrifices for the golden cups of cross fill our Golden cups with rewarding beverages. we try to maintain our fountains and we have to make sure Queen Mina will be satisfied. the designs of our fountain has doves on them. they have been carefully crafted with gold engravings and our lady peace on them.

We will only increase the faith if we are consitant with our prayers. we tried burning cinnamon and sugar. they seem satisfactory for the white and gold healing lights.

The golden and yellow healing lights appear when cinnamon is lit and we want you to have your golden cups of cross filled.  we want the yellow healing lights to appear with your nunchaku sun chi and school chi stances for good health good eyes and good bodies.

Your desires to magically disappear and appear will be fulfilled one because you are gracious two because you have mercy and three your future is praiseworthy. with silly fun and victory you can seek refuge. seeking refuge with the kings and queens will be easily mastered with your magical cups of Cross but you have to be sure and bring faith. One because the bringer of faith is the only one safe and two because safety comes first. So run from the evil iblis.out the window, out the door through the lawn over the fence and safely to shore.

your organizations homes and business may be waiting for you to appear. So make your appearance honorable and beautiful.

As your appearances by your true love appears she will fulfill the Cross. She will be able to help you with the Cross and fulfill your summons in your true life.  your Goddess Tarot will be able to to assist you. one because she gives the gift of financial fortune. two she is seeking love along the shores of the ocean. And three she is a strong companion. Your strong Companion is going to be fulfilled when she counts on the golden liquid light of the Cross’s cups. She wants you to succeed but she has been sad after several years of poverty. Her wisdom allows her to summon connections with god and she raise her faith higher and higher. She is rewarded with friends and powerful magic.

The powerful magic and friendships she has found on her journey has given her time to study paint journal and pray. The restoration of studies, painting, journaling and prayer was an amazing dive into good health with the promise of Award winning Gold.

You have to meet the Fearie Mystic and Goddess Tarot Companions. You just have to meet them. everybody has to meet them. they have to have the fortune, money time and resources they need to succeed in this magical world.  we have been trying to transform in class but welsh of Cowan says she doesn’t have a magical bone in her body. she has been commanded to turn into as many animals as she can but she needs some rest. Good memories and justice will be hers now and forever.

She will abide in the fanciest mansions the world has ever seen with the new found magic given to her by her mother.  together they will be the stars and bring renewal and guidance. one because she is the princess with gold appearing from shore to shore for her. two because she follows her dreams and three because she has been served from the Golden Cup of Cross. a very powerful cup to bring magic and power.

The Golden Cup of Cross is going to bring her the magic and power she needs to bring faith. she will quickly come to success because of the golden cup of Cross. As a tuggle she will have the money power resources and everything she needs to succeed.

Her name is Pink Star and She is from a faraway land called Guinness. August is her season. she cools the flames of the scorching heat with her magical brothers in Sweden. She paints her pictures with steadfast prayer and faith. she knows she will be the most famous witch in all the world.

Picture after picture is painted for her royalties. She waves her paintbrush graciously and compassionately.   She quickly levitates into position and appears at her palace near death. The king rewards her greatly and she receives the Golden gift of light to restore her health.