well I don’t know about you but I have to write as many pages as I can today. it has been a struggle but I thought I could tell you about the Christmas party we were going to have. Mina and my self are getting married in june and I cant wait. From the sun moon and stars I love her with all my heart and home. I demand the magical doors of heaven to open for her and her brother bill. Bills dearest shayna is a swan but I wish many more safe and fun days at wellington. they are good students but I want them to have the top ten percentage this year at wellington. Shayna Bill’s lovely fiancé was valid vitorian.

    Princess mina was the homecoming queen but she was only two points behind Shayna. they can sing and dance. we have dance practice every day at five in the morning. some times I wish I were already married but june will be soon enough. after the many years of love and sunshine we were all going to be perfect. I still cant believe