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    “oh how beautiful.” says princess Mina as she steps onto the balcony overlooking the garden. it must have rained right before the sun rose because their where rainbows stretching all across the sky. Shayna walked up beside her and Michael to see the rainbows. She was tall and slender with red hair. Mina always wore her hair black but she was just as pretty. they could stand on the balcony forever writing in their journals, but Uncle David and Bill summoned them in for breakfast.

   They ate a wonderful breakfast. Eggs, toast butter milk biscuits and gravy. David was really sorry they had not met their host yet but he wasn’t worried as long as Bill and Princess Mina were safe.  Their hosts were very rich elves who had extravagant magic to share with the Wizards and witches. they did not like murder one bit so when David Cohen came to them for help they cast a rainbow protection spell to bring faith and safety. They told David they would send some of the other elves to Princess Mina’s mansion to make sure they chased off the killer or kill him themselves. David agreed but the elves had not returned yet so he was worried.  “which day do you go back to wellington.” asks david

“January 4th.” says Mina

“January 4th.” says David

“oh uncle David I love wellington.” Says Mina

“we all do uncle David.” says Michael

“Can you believe all of the rainbows?” says Shayna

“yes I know. its a protective spell for your safety. “says David “its awesome.”

“I hope they do our mansion the same way.” says Mina

“I think they will.” says David

Just as everyone finished breakfast three Dwarfs magically appear from white vapor and enter the dining hall. they bid everyone hello and ask to see Mrs. Maddox.

” Dr. Cross said she had fallen ill and asked us to bring our ancient remedy.  the waterbury leaves used to make this tea can only be found near the Dwarf’s palace. so here we are.” Says Barnabus  “My name is Barnabus this to my right is Merlyn and this to my left is Barry.”

“well up to it.  I hope this works. everyone follow me to mrs. Maddox’s room. We have a remedy” Says David in high spirits

As they walked through the halls of the large palace everyone jabbered on about the rainbows and the dwarfs magical appearance. they made their way up three flights of stairs before coming to a large suit of rooms where mrs Maddox lay sleeping. Dr Cross sat on a sofa in the large room reading his daily journal.

“Good morning Barnabus how are you old man.” says Dr Cross

“fine fine fine thank you.” Says Barnabus and hands Dr Cross a canteen of Waterbury tea. Dr Cross gives the tea to professor Maddox and she comes back to life full swing. 

“wow” says everybody

“Magical Waterbury tea works quick in cases such as this.” says Dr. Cross “I know everybody loves the rainbow protective spell.”

“We really love magic dr Cross says.” Michael

Mrs. Maddox says “David.”

“Yes my dear?” says David.

“thank you.” says Mrs. Maddox