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“the limosine is ready.” says mina to Michael as he joins her at the magical entrance. she had to run. they didn’t know how the killer had murdered their parents but she wouldn’t let that happen to Bill her twin or herself. She was going to be queen of all the wizarding world.  She was going to be the most famous tuggle of all time. Out side near the limosine was a butler riding his bull frog.

“No worries Princess we’ll keep things tidy while you are gone.” says henry the butler as his bull frog jumped out of the way of the magical limosine. “a fairy angel has come to bid you farewell.”

“our dearest wizards and witches, your majesty we hope all you will have a safe journey to David. we have sounded the trumpets and we will await your wedding.” says Aqeeda the fairy angel “I see many long years ahead of you princess Mina. have no worries we will catch the killer and banish him from your magical mansion.”

Bill and Mina begin to cry. they had been safe for more than eighteen years why would the murderer of their parents surface again right before princess mina was to be crowned queen of all the wizarding world? aqeeda told them she saw ten magically enchanted goblets hovering over their heads and they would live long lives. Michael held on tight to Mina and shayna wrapped her arms around Bill. the lights outside glowed off and on and Christmas decorations were beginning to surface magically around the magical mansion. Dr Gann and Mr Mughni followed the limosine out in another limosine. when the driver came to a magical palace after hours of driving the four royals could see David Cohen motion for them to stop. they got out of the car and greated David with hugs and kisses. thankful to see him there.

“Mrs Maddow is upstairs near death. Dr Cross is with her now. She has been lying beneath four magical swords for days now. She will be so happy to see you four. I see you brought Dr Gann and Mr mughni. Good I need them here. everyone take one of these cards and read it to mrs maddow when you get there. i’ll introduce you to your new companions afterward.

  • Moon gazer

    “Well hay moon gazers and shooting stars we love the Golden Cups of Michael the diamonds the rubies the gold the pearls and the time. We realized everyone would want to make an ascension into the heavens but increase the love with the Golden goblet  as well but they have to have the formulas of faith just right. We are going to try take as many rides through the heavens as we can but we want to make sure the ascension formulas are just right again and again. Well hay moon gazers and shooting stars if you want to take a ride through the heavens with diamonds rubies gold pearls and time just  hop-pity hop jump-pity jump over and under the garden above and below the trees you go and straight into the heavens your faith will flow”


    after each of the wizards read their card they retired to the library.