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“Shayna, Mina Bill,” cried Michael as he Mr Mughni the magic professor and Dr Gann entered the large entrance way of the magical mansion. “Bill Mina Shayna I have some serious news to share with you. this is Dr Gann.” he says as he finds the three royals sitting in the library. right where he knew they’d be.

“Hi Michael what’s happened.” asks Mina

“Hay where have you been.” Asks Bill “hello Mr. Mughni. it’s nice to meet you Dr.Gann.”

‘Like wise.” says Dr Gann

“Hello Bill, hi shayna our dearest Mina. how are you?” asks Mr. Mughni

“Very well thank you says mina.” as she offers Dr. Gann and Mr. Mughni a place on the library sofa. the library was huge and there were four sofas surrounding a dark oak table. each of the magical officers sat down at the table to begin the message of death. Michael told them about getting lost in the enchanted forest. He told them he came upon one of the nights of the kingdom and how he turned out to be a messenger of David’s. He let Dr Gann Explain the cirumstances but he told them Mrs. Maddow had fallen ill.  The butler opened the door to the library and entered carrying  a large tub of butter beer with six glasses. he handed each of them a glass of butter beer and then leaves. each of the royal officers take their butter beer and drink it graciously

bill says “Oh Dear Mrs. Maddow only falls ill if there is terrible danger near.”

“I know” says Michael ” we have to take the Message of Death seriously.”

“We will have to balance and seek refuge to the nearest kingdom.” Says Mina

“David says he has some friends he wants you to stay with. he says they are trillionaires. he also says he will meet you there” Says Dr. Gann

“We’ll have to pack right away.”