“OH NO!” shouts Michael to Mr Mughni a magic professor from wellington, its another dead end. Michael continues to walk through the enchanted forest. he would love to take walks through the enchanted forest more than anything but he lost his way and cant get out. every turn he takes is as surprising as the movies. Miraculously he walks towards Mr Mughni after a willow tree tried to capture him.

“Look towards the ocean Michael. You can see dolphins jumping over enchanted cups.”says Mr Mughni

“Well look here Mr Mughni it is a knight to the king. He must know the way back to the Magical Mansion.” says Michael as a witch appears in the road with seven or eight white hoot owls.

“There are deaths in your future.” howls the old witch.and disappears

“Oh Dear. We will surely ask the Knight to the king for directions and be on our way.” says Mr Mughni

“excuse me we are lost. how do we get back to the Magical Mansion of Wellington?” asks Michael

“I was just delivering a message to Princess Mina and Bill from David Cohen. I can take you there directly.”

“Indeed?” asks Mr Mughni

“yes. indeed I can.” says the knight

.”what is your name sir.?” asks Michael to the knight .”and what’s the message you have to take to Princess mina and Prince Bill?”

“My name is Gann. Dr Gann. David says Mrs Maddow has fallen ill and the murderer who murdered their parents has resurfaced. he has killed again and we think he will come after Princess Mina and Bill Before Mina is Queen. David thinks he wants to Prevent Mina from Taking to throne with Michael Cowan. he says they have to seek refuge with a neighboring Wizard for their protection but not to worry it wouldn’t be any less luxurious.”

Two nomes with fiddles appear and chant to the three travelers. “oh I love the enchanted forest.”says Mr Mughni

“Me too.” says Michael

“I say.” says Dr. Gann “what are your names”

“I am Mr Mughni and this is your majesty Michael Cowan.” Says Mr Mughni

“Why you are the most Famous wizard in all of the wizarding world. when you were born you were born with a holy veil wrapped around you.” says Dr Gann “Angels will appear if we even mention your name.”

“yes but right now i’m worried about my bride princess Mina and her Twin brother Bill. they are my dearest Friends and now Mrs maddow has fallen ill. I heard she only falls ill if they are in extreme danger.”

“well your majesty we’ll have to balance at a time like this.” says Dr Gann and Mr Mughni agrees.

“of course of course says Michael.” as they made their way to the