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“Ewe I love it.”says Shayna as she peers at a black leather bound journal of spells and plays a gregorien chant for magic. “Mr Mughni the magic teacher says it will bring us fame and fortune.”

“Becareful Shayna it’s for Michael and Mina. It was the most expensive Magic Journal I could find. It costs half as much as the Picasso David hung in our museum. “yes it is so beautiful.”

“You look handsome today Bill.” says Shayna “and I had a wonderful time at Aria for halloween.”

“yes me too” says Bill Launghing “we’ll have to go to Aria tonight if you want to.

“Yes i’d love to. it’s my favorite.” says Shayna

“Well it’s settled then we’ll give the Magic book to Michael and Mina at Aria tonight. I know exactly what MR Mughni the Magic Professor would want us to do.”

“After our parents died he would want us to perform the Power of Elements spell against the Murderers. Michael and Mina will be securely Placed as King and Queen of the wizarding world at their wedding. We’ll have the knowledge to maintain their safety and make magic with the Spell book.

“Yes and the Secret messages of the Flying Meyrtles will be placed in the hands of millions.” Says Shayna

“yes with the Spell of Fame the Flying Meyrtles will be available for everyone. at least they weren’t a blunder like the Golden tuggle.” Says Bill

“Oh it wasn’t that bad it just lacked magical dialogue and supreme subject. we are so passed that now. we can write for hours about our magical experiences.” Says Shayna

Bill covers the Magical Spell book with a cloth and puts into a gift sack just as Mina and Michael walk into the library.

“What’s that.” Asks Mina as she points to the gift Bag

“Oh its nothing really.” says bill “Power of the elements I’m going to give to you and Michael when we see Mr. Mughni at Aria tonight.”

“It takes a lot being the most famous wizard in all the wizarding world.” Says Michael

“I think we are the most famous tuggles of all time is because our parents were so gruesomely murdered over money.” says Mina

“I would call ever power of element spell if only I thought I could bring them back to life.” Says bill

“Professor Mughni wants us to place power of the elements spells for protection every day until they find the murderer.”

“Mina how would our journal Look with Mr Cohen’s exercise in it? asks sHayna

“WEll I think it would look absolutely wonderful.” says Mina

as the four wizards and witches left the library to get ready for Their eveing out. The spell Book swirled into the air chanting a protective spell over them. “Wow.” says bill

“that was awesome.”Says Michael

“Take a look their is our exercise from mr Cohen’s class and it is already written. ” says Shayna

A piece of paper a thousand words the gift of magic lovers fly give me the gift of magical protection this very night. Shayna Gwynn Michael Cowan Bill and Mina Cohen