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Well hay as the most famous wizard in the wizarding world why not dress like a king for Halloween. Shayna dressed like a queen but both Mina and Bill Ragady Anne and Andy. Since they were twins they thought it would be cute. everyday since the coronation had been a god send. The words for their books poured from their fingers and they knew just what to write.

“Your Majesty. ” says bill as Michael walked by

“Bill.” says Michael

“Have you been keeping up with the philosophy of metaphysics?.” asks bill

“Yes but the laws of attraction should have put me with my fiancé as queen so I borrowed yours.” says Michael

“no worries your majesty she will be yours until death do you part.” says Bill

” I think you two look awesome as twins.” says Michael

“Thank you.” says Bill

The two men were standing in the hall of a grand mansion. the mansion had one hundred and sixty rooms. it was given to the two from David Cohen Bill and Mina’s Uncle. He owned four or five of them but wanted their gift to be the grandest of them all.

“Do you think we’ll be the most famous tuggles of them all? you know like the shop owners at harolds were saying? ” Says Michael as he summoned some roses for mina and shayna. the homecoming queen and valid victorian