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well hay Gabriel we missed our computer and I phone this month. we had been trying to write as many encantos essays and messages as we could a day but we didn’t have the criteria we needed to publish. well hay Gabriel if you want to help just hook us up

iqra and the metaqueen

by Amy shay Win

write down the commands to your archangels

1. increase the sunshine aka tachyons aka subautomic particles

2. activate the twelve chakra for a complete healing

3. take consciousness to a higher level raise spirituality to a higher level

4 connect with god

5. increase magical

well hay guys i’m jasmyn and my dads name is bill and we raise higher to fullfull our summons.


well hay mr Cohen i’d love to stay with you. I have been trying to increase faith and mercy but I have to obstain from fornication and aldutry or any shameful acts which may have a conflict of interest. well hay Mr Cohen if you want to pick me up and carry me like a purse the best time to seek refuge with the king is at dawn.

Love Buble Doodle

p.s. I read your Cards and you are Golden

p.s.s. you have the gift of finance and financial fulfillment

FEAR Therapy

Pretend your feet are in the sand and you are walking along the ocean shore. Look down and you’ll find a golden skeleton key turn right and you’ll find a beach house. open the door to the beach house with your golden skeleton key walk inside and you’ll find a magical golden box place all of your fears into the box. place your novel dead line and royalty check into the box the white house shayna the aim the pitch and everything you are afraid of into the box. you may leave the house now but remember you are always welcome to come back

Michael Cowan and the Fearie mystic tarot by Barbara Moore


very clever very bright from the

garden wood and pond please

help us find the answers on a path

that’s true and right

fearie mystic farewell

fearie clever fearie bright from the garden wood and pond

very many thanks for helping us find the answers

on a path that’s true and right. Farewell



well  hay andy I read your cards! jasmyn and andy have the gift of love. the gift of love is in their future. get well soon



well hay bubble doodles and kisses we’d love to warm up to you over a glass of champagne for fun. we deserve ten thousand kisses from you. i’m so sorry I missed you visiting Tulsa i’d really love to meet you. well hay bubble doodles and kisses if you want to warm up to me just have faith we are going to live forever.

love mama totti


Well hay I read our daily fortunes today and the evident  out come

well hay shooting stars we love fireworks and metaphysical healing stones. we have been laughing at the cute little angels and they try to ascend into the heavens thry spin in circles with jack Dorsey and say look its the amethyst stone it will protect yo and break any bad habits. the little angels run into the bathroom saying dow is up dow is up. over and under out the door we go. it is so cute to watch them call the angels for help. they say the invocation to the angels well but they need to increase the light as they magically appear to you.

I pray

in the name of themerciful most compassionate
show us the right way the way of those whom thou
hast bestowed thy favors. not the way of those whom thou wrath
hast been brought down nor the way of those whom thou hast led astray. amin

I sing

flying meyrtles over and under above and below
there is the door to heaven here I go

increase ascension
increase ascension

tina @flyingmeyrtles
Zachariah @kingsofcowan


well hay silly I read your cards. you have the king of pentacles and you are going to have financial fulfillment.

Journal entry

Quinn Quinn Quinn get ready for your night flight. we are going to fly through the air. we are going to disappear from here and appear in every university library in the world. love mary moo moo

well hay dr breeze we tried mermaids and encantos but my fortune hasn’t appeared. we have good eyes good ears good noses but we want a good book too.