the lights the table the books the instructions write seventy thousand words about Michael and the magic cicrles give me the time type out the book have a great story tell a great story cheer up shayna write down as many things as you can rememeber give it the best story Gabriel reveals to you get a new car get a new house I can do it you can do it he can do it she can do it they can do it write about it everybody write about it pass it well pass it over pass it under pass it above pass it below, the queen of candy ross. candy ross the queen of josh. give me a long story to tell. Shana give e a good story to tell I am a story teller he is a story teller she is a story teller we are story tellers everybody is a story teller get us our royalties the fool the magician the empress the priest the lovers the empress shayna the aim the pitch give me a good typing daythe kittens are playing well I gues Christmas or Halloween would be a great day to start like Christmas