Award Winning Requests to the ArchAngels

Well hay Sophia i’d love to have
one novel every eighteen hours.
i finished each paper back journal
in three days but i wasn’t sure if
rapheal gabriel sophia na yourieal
would give me the help and criteria
to transfer my journaling genious to
my flyingmeyrtle blog. Well hay
sophia if you want to help make
sure Jasmyn aka Tarah H.W.Bakiss
has her novel written on blog


Well hay Rapheal we’d love to pass
our tests. the kings of Cowan has
saved her bunnies from deadly copper
head snakes but she isn’t sure if the
House of Magic Writing bunnies are
going to appear. Well hay Rapheal you are
under direct command from the queen
of the Angels Try more Bakiss .

Shay n Gann

Well hay Rapheal i’m so sorry
tutor is the formula for orphan
and berrytime. My uncles said
they would help when they could
but i’m stuck way down here in
Tulsa Oklahoma. although i hope
i get my eighteen hour bunny for
a magical novel and night flight
i can pass with ten pages a day. Well
hay Rapheal you are under direct
command to provide good health
for our magical novel writing challenge
on the Psychic Flying Meyrtle blog.


Well hay Micheal i’d love to open the
doors with my rosequartz and amethyst
key. I found the rosquartz in my grandmothers
garden but I don’t know how to use them.
Well hay Micheal if you want to help me write
the book tonight just save my magical house
of magic bunny from deadly copperhead

Thanks and Farewell

Well i don’t know about you Youriel
but i’d love to magicallly dissapear from
here and appear from over there. i loved
the fear therapy i found but i could’t stick
my feet in the ocean. Although i called the
queen after the king of cowan left I couldn’t
place my roseqartz my amethyst and my
diomands in the magical golden box becqause
i didn’t know how the cultural formulas would
work. so you know what i tried? i tried making
a nursery rhyme with Kid welsch and Captain
America but nothing happened. We ran through
the house screaming, jumping praying and playing
but uh oh we didn’t start magically appearing
Well hay Uriel you are under our authority of
scholars to transport meena with her magical
key immediately.