well hay I don’t know about you but it’s valentines day and my name is Michael Cowan. I am air to the throne of all the wizarding world. in three months on my eighteenth birthday they will make me the king. I graduate this spring but professor Dorrance is concerned with our magic circle exams. He says when they make me the king wizards and witches from all around the world will be there to watch. he also says I will be the most famous wizard in all the world. even more famous than Merlin himself. the only problem is I am an orphan. My parents were murdered over more than a hundred million dollars on the most expensive street in Europe. yes that is the only problem. their murderer wants me dead.

I didn’t choose this destiny. I didn’t know why they never found the murderer but I was going to be the most famous wizard in all the world. Although it was valentines day Bill my friend was stuck in the cupboard.

“help help help.” cried Bill “I appeared where the jelly beans were and couldn’t get out.” witches and wizards from all around the school appeared to help get him out.

“Oh Dear.” says professor Dorrance Win as they used magic to open the cupboard. the magic circle kept sticking the kids in a sticky position such as this.

King David Appeared “it looks like you need some help with your magic circles.” he says

“Yes.” says professor Dorrance Win “they can appear but they cannot disappear.”

“I said I wanted to appear where the jelly beans were but the cuboard was locked and I couldn’t get out.”

“Dorothy just tapped her heals together.” I laughed

“that’s very funny Mr Cowan.” says Professor Dorsey

“Very funny indeed Mr Cowan.” Says Professor Dorrance Win as all the wizards and witches laughed. We walked out of the kitchen and into the long hall of the school.