Michael Cowan and the Magical Diary 2


As he rewards her for her praise worthy workhe stops the darkness with light. he puts together honorable mentions for all of the queen’s deeds. His servants sit berries and the golden cups of cross all through the mansions rooms. He is romantic and begins painting his pictures with his queen for her royalties.

The King and Queen’s pictures produce so rapidly they are chosen to create a Tarot Deck.  The graciously accept the challenge and it takes four years to complete. For every Tina and the Flying Meyrtles picture they painted another ten paintings magically appeared. Soon they had thirty thousand pictures in their beautiful palace.  The king and queen had been married at the very young age of eighteen so they knew each other well.

They married right before they went to wellington university. They were known as the most famous tuggles in all the wizarding world and magic seeped through their veins. they lived in a palace right next to the university and made many children. The paintings they created brought many guests. Each person visiting wore exquisite clothes and participated in ritual dancing. The king Michael Cowan and the Queen Mina Cohen invested in thousands of healing stones including diamonds rubies and pearls. He bought her extravagant jewelry and dresses.

The daily prayers were said with perfect pronunciation and perfect encantos. they each made individual requests to god and wished the archangel Gabriel would help them more. They traveled to every holy spot in the world and became well known in the Vatican and Jerusalem often making the front page of newspapers. they could each fly through the air and laughed at their silly brooms.

The silly laughter never ceased. They were as cherry as cherubs.  he promised Shayna and Bill Good eyes good teeth, good hearts minds bodies and souls. Bill and Shayna married around the same time Michael Cowan and Mina Cohen. Bill was Mina’s twin brother and he promised to always be there for her. he was the best brother ever. they also made movies in their spare time.

Michael Cowan and the Magical Diary


well I don’t know about you but we’d love to have as many Golden cups of Cross filled with neuro as we can. we have been burning candles and arranging ornaments on the Christmas tree but we aren’t sure if the formulas are right to fulfill our summons. The eggnog and treats are pretty good to help us through the evening so we sit an play cards all night. we have been singing silly songs and nursery rhymes and we want everyone to listen. champagne is flowing over in abundant from a fountain david ordered for Christmas and our hearts are overflowing with golden liquid light. we have to make sure we come to success with our prayers.

Our consistent prayer with faith will help us make sacrifices for the Golden Cups of Cross because we have to increase our fortunes. Our fortunes must increase with gold and diomands.

The sacrifices for the golden cups of cross fill our Golden cups with rewarding beverages. we try to maintain our fountains and we have to make sure Queen Mina will be satisfied. the designs of our fountain has doves on them. they have been carefully crafted with gold engravings and our lady peace on them.

We will only increase the faith if we are consitant with our prayers. we tried burning cinnamon and sugar. they seem satisfactory for the white and gold healing lights.

The golden and yellow healing lights appear when cinnamon is lit and we want you to have your golden cups of cross filled.  we want the yellow healing lights to appear with your nunchaku sun chi and school chi stances for good health good eyes and good bodies.

Your desires to magically disappear and appear will be fulfilled one because you are gracious two because you have mercy and three your future is praiseworthy. with silly fun and victory you can seek refuge. seeking refuge with the kings and queens will be easily mastered with your magical cups of Cross but you have to be sure and bring faith. One because the bringer of faith is the only one safe and two because safety comes first. So run from the evil iblis.out the window, out the door through the lawn over the fence and safely to shore.

your organizations homes and business may be waiting for you to appear. So make your appearance honorable and beautiful.

As your appearances by your true love appears she will fulfill the Cross. She will be able to help you with the Cross and fulfill your summons in your true life.  your Goddess Tarot will be able to to assist you. one because she gives the gift of financial fortune. two she is seeking love along the shores of the ocean. And three she is a strong companion. Your strong Companion is going to be fulfilled when she counts on the golden liquid light of the Cross’s cups. She wants you to succeed but she has been sad after several years of poverty. Her wisdom allows her to summon connections with god and she raise her faith higher and higher. She is rewarded with friends and powerful magic.

The powerful magic and friendships she has found on her journey has given her time to study paint journal and pray. The restoration of studies, painting, journaling and prayer was an amazing dive into good health with the promise of Award winning Gold.

You have to meet the Fearie Mystic and Goddess Tarot Companions. You just have to meet them. everybody has to meet them. they have to have the fortune, money time and resources they need to succeed in this magical world.  we have been trying to transform in class but welsh of Cowan says she doesn’t have a magical bone in her body. she has been commanded to turn into as many animals as she can but she needs some rest. Good memories and justice will be hers now and forever.

She will abide in the fanciest mansions the world has ever seen with the new found magic given to her by her mother.  together they will be the stars and bring renewal and guidance. one because she is the princess with gold appearing from shore to shore for her. two because she follows her dreams and three because she has been served from the Golden Cup of Cross. a very powerful cup to bring magic and power.

The Golden Cup of Cross is going to bring her the magic and power she needs to bring faith. she will quickly come to success because of the golden cup of Cross. As a tuggle she will have the money power resources and everything she needs to succeed.

Her name is Pink Star and She is from a faraway land called Guinness. August is her season. she cools the flames of the scorching heat with her magical brothers in Sweden. She paints her pictures with steadfast prayer and faith. she knows she will be the most famous witch in all the world.

Picture after picture is painted for her royalties. She waves her paintbrush graciously and compassionately.   She quickly levitates into position and appears at her palace near death. The king rewards her greatly and she receives the Golden gift of light to restore her health.


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Michael Cowan’s Magical Diary

well I don’t know about you but I have to write as many pages as I can today. it has been a struggle but I thought I could tell you about the Christmas party we were going to have. Mina and my self are getting married in june and I cant wait. From the sun moon and stars I love her with all my heart and home. I demand the magical doors of heaven to open for her and her brother bill. Bills dearest shayna is a swan but I wish many more safe and fun days at wellington. they are good students but I want them to have the top ten percentage this year at wellington. Shayna Bill’s lovely fiancé was valid vitorian.

    Princess mina was the homecoming queen but she was only two points behind Shayna. they can sing and dance. we have dance practice every day at five in the morning. some times I wish I were already married but june will be soon enough. after the many years of love and sunshine we were all going to be perfect. I still cant believe

Michael Cowan and the Rainbow Spell


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    “oh how beautiful.” says princess Mina as she steps onto the balcony overlooking the garden. it must have rained right before the sun rose because their where rainbows stretching all across the sky. Shayna walked up beside her and Michael to see the rainbows. She was tall and slender with red hair. Mina always wore her hair black but she was just as pretty. they could stand on the balcony forever writing in their journals, but Uncle David and Bill summoned them in for breakfast.

   They ate a wonderful breakfast. Eggs, toast butter milk biscuits and gravy. David was really sorry they had not met their host yet but he wasn’t worried as long as Bill and Princess Mina were safe.  Their hosts were very rich elves who had extravagant magic to share with the Wizards and witches. they did not like murder one bit so when David Cohen came to them for help they cast a rainbow protection spell to bring faith and safety. They told David they would send some of the other elves to Princess Mina’s mansion to make sure they chased off the killer or kill him themselves. David agreed but the elves had not returned yet so he was worried.  “which day do you go back to wellington.” asks david

“January 4th.” says Mina

“January 4th.” says David

“oh uncle David I love wellington.” Says Mina

“we all do uncle David.” says Michael

“Can you believe all of the rainbows?” says Shayna

“yes I know. its a protective spell for your safety. “says David “its awesome.”

“I hope they do our mansion the same way.” says Mina

“I think they will.” says David

Just as everyone finished breakfast three Dwarfs magically appear from white vapor and enter the dining hall. they bid everyone hello and ask to see Mrs. Maddox.

” Dr. Cross said she had fallen ill and asked us to bring our ancient remedy.  the waterbury leaves used to make this tea can only be found near the Dwarf’s palace. so here we are.” Says Barnabus  “My name is Barnabus this to my right is Merlyn and this to my left is Barry.”

“well up to it.  I hope this works. everyone follow me to mrs. Maddox’s room. We have a remedy” Says David in high spirits

As they walked through the halls of the large palace everyone jabbered on about the rainbows and the dwarfs magical appearance. they made their way up three flights of stairs before coming to a large suit of rooms where mrs Maddox lay sleeping. Dr Cross sat on a sofa in the large room reading his daily journal.

“Good morning Barnabus how are you old man.” says Dr Cross

“fine fine fine thank you.” Says Barnabus and hands Dr Cross a canteen of Waterbury tea. Dr Cross gives the tea to professor Maddox and she comes back to life full swing. 

“wow” says everybody

“Magical Waterbury tea works quick in cases such as this.” says Dr. Cross “I know everybody loves the rainbow protective spell.”

“We really love magic dr Cross says.” Michael

Mrs. Maddox says “David.”

“Yes my dear?” says David.

“thank you.” says Mrs. Maddox


Michael Cowan and the Refuge


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“the limosine is ready.” says mina to Michael as he joins her at the magical entrance. she had to run. they didn’t know how the killer had murdered their parents but she wouldn’t let that happen to Bill her twin or herself. She was going to be queen of all the wizarding world.  She was going to be the most famous tuggle of all time. Out side near the limosine was a butler riding his bull frog.

“No worries Princess we’ll keep things tidy while you are gone.” says henry the butler as his bull frog jumped out of the way of the magical limosine. “a fairy angel has come to bid you farewell.”

“our dearest wizards and witches, your majesty we hope all you will have a safe journey to David. we have sounded the trumpets and we will await your wedding.” says Aqeeda the fairy angel “I see many long years ahead of you princess Mina. have no worries we will catch the killer and banish him from your magical mansion.”

Bill and Mina begin to cry. they had been safe for more than eighteen years why would the murderer of their parents surface again right before princess mina was to be crowned queen of all the wizarding world? aqeeda told them she saw ten magically enchanted goblets hovering over their heads and they would live long lives. Michael held on tight to Mina and shayna wrapped her arms around Bill. the lights outside glowed off and on and Christmas decorations were beginning to surface magically around the magical mansion. Dr Gann and Mr Mughni followed the limosine out in another limosine. when the driver came to a magical palace after hours of driving the four royals could see David Cohen motion for them to stop. they got out of the car and greated David with hugs and kisses. thankful to see him there.

“Mrs Maddow is upstairs near death. Dr Cross is with her now. She has been lying beneath four magical swords for days now. She will be so happy to see you four. I see you brought Dr Gann and Mr mughni. Good I need them here. everyone take one of these cards and read it to mrs maddow when you get there. i’ll introduce you to your new companions afterward.

  • Moon gazer

    “Well hay moon gazers and shooting stars we love the Golden Cups of Michael the diamonds the rubies the gold the pearls and the time. We realized everyone would want to make an ascension into the heavens but increase the love with the Golden goblet  as well but they have to have the formulas of faith just right. We are going to try take as many rides through the heavens as we can but we want to make sure the ascension formulas are just right again and again. Well hay moon gazers and shooting stars if you want to take a ride through the heavens with diamonds rubies gold pearls and time just  hop-pity hop jump-pity jump over and under the garden above and below the trees you go and straight into the heavens your faith will flow”


    after each of the wizards read their card they retired to the library.




Michael Cowan and the message of death

“Shayna, Mina Bill,” cried Michael as he Mr Mughni the magic professor and Dr Gann entered the large entrance way of the magical mansion. “Bill Mina Shayna I have some serious news to share with you. this is Dr Gann.” he says as he finds the three royals sitting in the library. right where he knew they’d be.

“Hi Michael what’s happened.” asks Mina

“Hay where have you been.” Asks Bill “hello Mr. Mughni. it’s nice to meet you Dr.Gann.”

‘Like wise.” says Dr Gann

“Hello Bill, hi shayna our dearest Mina. how are you?” asks Mr. Mughni

“Very well thank you says mina.” as she offers Dr. Gann and Mr. Mughni a place on the library sofa. the library was huge and there were four sofas surrounding a dark oak table. each of the magical officers sat down at the table to begin the message of death. Michael told them about getting lost in the enchanted forest. He told them he came upon one of the nights of the kingdom and how he turned out to be a messenger of David’s. He let Dr Gann Explain the cirumstances but he told them Mrs. Maddow had fallen ill.  The butler opened the door to the library and entered carrying  a large tub of butter beer with six glasses. he handed each of them a glass of butter beer and then leaves. each of the royal officers take their butter beer and drink it graciously

bill says “Oh Dear Mrs. Maddow only falls ill if there is terrible danger near.”

“I know” says Michael ” we have to take the Message of Death seriously.”

“We will have to balance and seek refuge to the nearest kingdom.” Says Mina

“David says he has some friends he wants you to stay with. he says they are trillionaires. he also says he will meet you there” Says Dr. Gann

“We’ll have to pack right away.”says shayna “if the killer is near he will want both Mina and Bill dead before the wedding.”

“I know.” Says Michael “they are the only ones who can stop him being born as twins.”

“allright then.” Says Mina “Dr Gann Mr Mughni you can accompany Michael and Bill to their suit as they get ready to go.”

“Mina and myself will call the maids to help us pack our essentials. says Shayna


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